Tour de SFC Update - $632.50+ and Counting

A quick check-in for late Sunday night. I did not ride today because of having responsibilities today at church. Attendance was off just a bit due to the Labor Day weekend.

I did ride yesterday evening after the Walk-A-Thon yesterday morning. I rode hard pretty much of the fifteen mile jaunt. It was again very hot (93 degrees with a heat index of 97). The humidity was hanging out at 44%. I managed to drink to bottles of Gatorade on the ride.

I did have a good burst on a mile long stretch. I sprinted most of the way and finished the mile in 2:57. That translates into riding a mile with at least a 20 mph average in that mile. I was able to sustain that pace although I was pretty tired out by the time it was over with. A few times I looked down on my speedometer and was pushing 26 mph.

I have picked up $200+ in the last day. The following folks were added to the contributors. I am trying to reach $5000. After today's increase we have $4,367.50 to go.

Tim Kelley
Michael Ensey
Joseph Kirkland

I hope to make a lot of headway in the next four days. Tomorrow is Labor Day and I intend on catching up on a little sleep. Tuesday will be a huge day in my life. It is sort of like a Christmas Day and I am certain that I am going to have a lot to blog about Tuesday. Keep coming back to this blog especially if you are a minister.

By the way, if you want to send a check, it needs to go to:

Philip Harrelson
611 Lakewood Dr.
Dothan, Alabama 36301

If you are comfortable with Paypal, you can use the Mastercard/Visa "Donate" button to the left of this post.

I immensely appreciate all that you are doing to assist me with SFC.

The picture above is Wayne Worley (a good man from our church) and myself at the 2003 finish line.


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