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Death from a Thousand Tiny Cuts

I was sitting across from a good friend of mine, Pastor Ben Weeks, in Sonny’s BBQ in Thomasville, Georgia, when he dropped a spiritual MOAB on me.     The picture that his words had painted were clear, obvious, direct, and almost shocking to me.     So much so that I could hardly even say anything for a good 30 seconds or a minute, the missile had pegged me right where I lived on that day.     I can remember the conversation leading up to the moment that day.     My world had been marked by some personal major health issues, an incredibly challenging building program filled with trouble, and the general hectic pace of moving through church life and my own private spiritual world.     It was on that day he told me a parable of sorts that continues to resonate even now despite the fact that it has been more than two years ago.     It had been a day of shoptalk for two Spirit-filled preachers about the need for revival, the hunger for conversions and spiritual growth among those who we we