General Conference Edition - Columbus, Ohio - Thursday Night

We came to the service tonight and before the service concluded much of the floor was completely filled. A large portion of the side risers and the first level balcony was filled also. I sat with Mark and Stephanie Harrelson for the Thursday evening service. This service was reserved for our General Superintendent to speak.

I would note that Jerry Jones was re-elected as the General Secretary for the UPCI. Several other elections of note were Greg Wilbanks (Eva, AL) who was elected to the Minister’s Appeal Council and Robbie Knox (Somewhere, KY) was elected as the Secretary of the Sunday School Division. Several years ago, Robbie came and preached a revival for us in Dothan. We can now say that we know someone famous in St. Louis.

The choir did a stirring song. The Ohio District All-State Choir sang and Mickey Mangun sang with them on “We Lift Him Up” and it was quite powerful. That is one of those songs that stirs way down deep on the inside whether you know the song or not. I did go outside because I had been informed that the Ohio District had rented the Jumbotron outside of the Nations Arena for the night services. However, when I went to check an insurance ad was on the J-Tron. Perhaps they are going to begin tomorrow.

On my way back in, I did meet Pastor Ron Macey (who has allowed Stephen Williams to work with him for the past seven years at Royalwood) and talked with him for about 20 minutes or so. I am certain that you know the content of that conversation. . . You guessed it. . . books and sermons. I came away from that conversation with a few more nuggets.

I have already gathered a good amount of “nuggets” along the way since I left Dothan. My 12 ½ hour ride up was a good time for the Lord to “download” some things for me and I paid attention while He spoke.

Tonight’s message by GS Kenneth Haney was very good. Bro. Haney preached from Luke 10 and about the importance of the harvest. He really focused in on the ministry for each local congregation.

Here are some odd and end notes that I scribbled down as he preached. Note-taking at GC is always a little cumbersome to me, but I struggled along. Here are the thoughts:

-If there were a greater dedication to the cause, then there would be less compromise and less prevarication from what we are supposed to be working toward accomplishing in this generation.

-The way that a dedication is strengthened is by finding your focus on your calling. Never forget that any calling will have it’s times of agony and of tears. This is way that our calling is designed.

-Our North American lifestyle of affluence has really caused us to lose the burden of the call.

-Bro. Haney made reference to the old song, “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone.”

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone

Text: Thomas Shepherd and others
Music: George N. Allen

Must Jesus bear the cross alone,
and all the world go free?
No, there's a cross for everyone,
and there's a cross for me.
How happy are the saints above,
who once went sorrowing here!
But now they taste unmingled love,
and joy without a tear.
The consecrated cross I'll bear
till death shall set me free;
and then go home my crown to wear,
for there's a crown for me.
-Then we were challenged by this haunting question:  Where is the Cross in your preaching?
-We live in a generation that wants “Gospel Light.”  This is a Gospel that tastes great and is less filling.  It is a Gospel that feels good but is taking this world nowhere!
-We can never forget the sacrifice of yesteryear.  We have a great obligation to the elders who forged on ahead of us with this powerful and glorious Jesus Name message.
-This generation need not have the situation that Ezekiel had of the missing man.  God sought for a man but could not find one.  
-Fight against that affluence that wants to choke the life out of the anointing in your life.  The affluence of this age causes us to take paths and travel far away from the Cross.
·         You are marked.
·         You will be required to give much.
·         You will have to live the consecrated way.
·         You must always force yourself to keep your heart right.
-When David stayed home from the battle, a great statement was made about his calling.  His calling had become so unimportant and insignificant that he had lost the great passion for God and now he answered to the whims of his flesh and ease.
-Judas found himself with a sellout bargain.  You do not have to look very far to find a lot of “sellout” going on in this generation.
·         When do we fast and pray?
·         When do we call ourselves away for a time of separation from people and from this world?
·         What are we set apart from?
-Every morning when we get up we must again affirm the fact that there is a calling in our lives.  Bro. Haney said that prayer is crucial to those who are in leadership in the church.  Don’t lay your hands on those who are kicking up dust!  Pray for them!  God will take care of them and there will be incredible damage in the end if they do not find a place to get their heart and spirit right with God.
-We must plead the blood at every turn in our lives.  My call is crucial.  Remember that you will have to fight to maintain a right spirit (Bro. Haney was very focused on this particular thought).
-Nothing is like the anointing of the Spirit.  This anointing can break yokes and bondage in the lives of people.  I need to be vigilant in my life concerning this anointing.  We need the anointing of the Spirit in everything that we do in our ministry.
-Don’t let the friction that comes from carnal people distress you.  There will always be friction between the anointed and the “un-anointed.”  It was like this between Eliab and his brothers versus David.  Eliab wanted to scoff at the attempts of David to slay the giant.
-The Eliab’s and their ilk will never understand the methods of the anointed.  
-Saul was once anointed but was now no longer aware of what the anointing was really like.  When you lose your anointing, you will lose your purpose of God in your life.
-We have to affirm:
·         Our Call.
·         Our Mission.
·         Our Weapons.
·         Our Anointing.
This message was followed by a very good prayer meeting.  I did notice a small minority that begin to head for the exits.  By and large, the majority of the congregation did stay and pray.  It was a very good message to hear from the General Superintendent.  I trust that what was gained tonight will carry over into tomorrow’s very important business session.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like the long trip has already been worth it. Tell everyone hello from Dothan.

Bro. Mullen

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