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A Battle with the Superficial

A recent conversation with an evangelist friend of mine has left me greatly grieved at the state of the American church.   So harrowing was his account that last evening I was troubled to an extent that it gave me a bit of insomnia.   He opened up his soul to me as he told me of the superficial spirituality that marks many of our churches these days.   This superficiality is marked with a “hurry up and let’s get this over with” mentality.   Worship is rushed and has little depth because of the desire to hurry and get to the next thing.   There is pressure to hurry and get to the restaurants, the game on television, the shopping excursion or some other endeavor that seeks to satiate the entertainment factor in our soul. I was appalled when he told me that several of the churches he went to, pastors had informed him before he ever started to preach that they did not care for any sermons on hell, judgment, or any kind of conviction.  One pastor gave the recommendation that he ough