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Book Recommendation--How to Understand and Apply the New Testament (Twelve Steps from Exegesis to Theology) by Andrew Naselli

I am always in the hunt for books that will help me to become a better expositor.   The longer that I preach the more convinced that I become that the best method for preaching is simple verse by verse preaching.   The matter of going through the Bible and allowing the power of God’s Word to speak for itself.   It requires discipline, attention, and time but the dividends that are repaid to the preacher cannot even be added up in this life.   However, to be an effective expositor especially if you do not have a seminary training in original languages will necessitate ways that will help you to overcome this.   I am one of those preachers who did not have a real deep exposure to original Greek in fact I only had one year of it and no Hebrew at all.   Admittedly there are times that I sorely wish that I would have had the necessary training in the original languages.   That is why good books (tools) are so crucial for our preparation to preach.   Good preaching is always hard work!