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Book Recommendation - Meet the Puritans

An amazing book that I bought several months ago has been well worth what I paid for it. It is entitled “Meet The Puritans, With a Guide To Modern Reprints” by Joel R. Beeke and Randall J. Pederson. The Puritans, particularly in our day, have gotten quite a bad name for some of their practices in the past. One of the activities that critics of the Puritans like to point out is their involvement in the Salem witch trials and the gross miscarriage of justice that was allowed. Because of that wide-sweeping characterization, much of their writings have been dismissed. In addition to this there are some huge doctrinal differences that permeate some of their writings. However, I have learned a long time ago that you read with a sifter and shake out the bad and keep the good. This book is basically a summary of the work of many of the Puritans. The chapters run from 2 to 10 pages on each Puritan. It starts with a brief biography and then progresses to a description of the

Brendi's Big Day

Yesterday, April 12, 2008, Chad Kirkland and Brendi Mullen were married in Dothan, Alabama. They were married at the Dothan National Golf Club in an outdoor ceremony just along the edges of the course. It rained steadily most of the day until about thirty minutes before the wedding started. You can see some of the photo's on . To get the best effect, click on the tab to "view as a slideshow."

Sir. . . . Reverend. . . . Would You Please Have Them Hold The Mayonnaise. . .

There are times that I really get wrapped up with being important. I mean those times when I am so into the importance thing that the whole world finds it’s orbit around me. I know that you may find that hard to believe. . . . . . . that “importance” could have such a dizzying effect on me but it does. In fact some time ago, I found myself being very important. Our church was hosting a preaching workshop. Rick Wyser was doing his very good seminar “The Six Should-Be’s of Preaching” and I was feeling particular ly important. We had plotted and planned and had all so rts of free books, gadgets, computer programs and all sorts of ot her things to give out to the participants. Somewhere aro und fifty ministers came and we were having a tremendous time. Nothing motivates me like talking about becoming a better preacher, so I was definit ely enjoying the element. We starte d on Friday evening and went long into the night and were to continue the next morning and work