North Dakota District UPCI--Day 5--Bible Study Notes--Philip Harrelson

The following notes are the actual notes that I used in the July 14, 2023 session.  As you can see there is a lot more content than what was covered in the session.   The Saint Builds, Prays & Remains—vv. 20-21   A true saint will be one who builds his life on the Word of God (v. 20a). A true saint will pray in the Spirit (v. 20b). A true saint will remain in the love of God (v. 21).   Jude affirms that the Holy Ghost helps us to pray.  While we are praying, there is a steady flow of the grace of God given to those who would pray.  Zechariah 12:10 is notable for its promise that a spirit of grace and supplication will come to those who are given to prayer.  A regenerate man should be drawn very easily into the presence of the Lord during his times of prayer.  The priests were to wash in the laver before they went to the altar of incense in the Tabernacle, therefore a New Testament believer needs to come to the laver of regeneration by the work of the renewal of the Holy Ghost (Titu