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A Ride With UPCI General Superintendent Kenneth Haney - Part 2

Thanks to all who have come by and read and commented on Part 1 about riding with the UPCI General Superintendent Kenneth Haney. I trust that I have not added to anything Brother Haney might have said to us to give you an unfair representation of him. Furthermore please understand that what you are reading has to come through the reflections of my own thoughts and any misquotes or misrepresentation is not the fault of Brother Haney. I have two regrets (sort of) with Brother Haney being with us this past weekend. First, I put my mother through untold anxiety and worry by telling her that I was going to bring Brother Haney to her and my dad’s house to eat on Sunday after the service. The reason that I did so was because we have had numerous missionaries to come through our church (my father-in-law has been the district Foreign Missions director for 20+ years) and the large majority of them always say that they get very tired of “eating out” and would like some real home cook

A Ride With UPCI General Superintendent Kenneth Haney - Part 1

This past weekend (August 18-19, 2007) the Apostolic Faith UPC celebrated its fortieth anniversary. We had a tremendous time of worship, fellowship, blessing, and many memories came flooding back to us from the past. The high watermark for our church was having the General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International to preach on Saturday night and Sunday morning. On Saturday night, Brother Haney preached about “The Heelgrabber.” He started his message about Jacob grabbing the heel of Esau and having the tenacity and vision to get the birthright. He then went on to challenge our church to further pursue our mission of revival, growth, and progress. On Sunday morning, Brother Haney preached on “Spiritual Perception” and how important it was to see things from a spiritual sense and not miss the times that God was speaking directly to our lives through some of the circumstances and trials of life. In addition to Brother Haney preaching, I was able to sp

NAYC '07 -- Charlotte, NC -- Miscellaneous Pictures

Lucas McCoy and Jeff Sully's side of the room (next three pictures): My Side of the Room:

NAYC '07 -- Charlotte, NC -- Wednesday -- To Be Continued

We left Dothan shortly after 7:00 AM on Wednesday morning heading to Charlotte , North Carolina for the North American Youth Congress which is conducted by the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church , International. Our van was fully loaded and our trailer was ¾’s loaded with our luggage. Our first stop was in Phenix City , Alabama around 9:20 AM to gas up the van and then we stopped at McDonald’s (the same one we stopped at on the way to Atlanta for the flight to Romania ). We did not stop again until we reached Spartanburg , South Carolina around 12:30 PM. I realize that some might think that the guys were the ones who were pushing not to stop but we asked the girls on a regular basis if they needed to stop to which they would decline. We made it to Charlotte around 3:30 PM and it did not take long before we decided that history was repeating itself. Just as two years ago, we took a long scenic route around Columbus , Ohio for our NAYC