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A Reading List for Pastors/Ministers Concerning Daily Devotionals

For those who frequent the BarnabasBlog, you have discovered that I have taken a little over a month off from posting anything here. I am now officially back in the saddle and will continue on. From some previous posts, I have written about books that pastors could use the assist them with their pulpit ministry, you can check those links here and here and here . I have gathered from the Word that the most important thing that a pastor can do is to preach the Word. Good preaching is hard work especially in a society that wants 20-25 minute sermonettes. Good Biblical preaching is going to take more than just 20-25 minutes and it is going to have to be more than just volume. Sometimes a minister’s inspiration runs a little low and at other times he may be banging one drum without a lot of variation in his thoughts. Both Kelsey Griffin and A. B. Keating, two of my Bible College instructors, cautioned us against getting on a “hobby-horse” and riding it to great le