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Alabama Teen Camp UPCI Youth -- June 18, 2008 -- Day Two

Funny how those guys who thought all the coughing and gas passing was funny at midnight last night don’t think it is too funny at 0730 this morning. These clowns did not want to go to bed last night and now they don’t want to get up this morning. They have it all backwards. Confused about when to get in and when to get out. The thing that they have to remember about sleep is that you need it and you need to get all you can when you can. All the pictures are at this link. The morning started off with a bang with my good buddy, Pastor Perry Wells from Vincent, Alabama. He told this bunch of kids this morning that things went pretty smoothly last night except for at Midnight Madness there were about 1001 Skittles lying around that needed to have something done with them. So before breakfast could be started, they all had to be picked up. So we got the Skittles taken care of and scooted off to breakfast. The Dothan gang pretty stays together for most of the days as

Alabama Teen Camp UPCI Youth -- June 17, 2008 -- Front Row!!!

We arrived in Montgomery around 10 AM on Tuesday morning for the most part in pretty good condition. Everybody was in their usual excited state about getting into the dorm they were in last year but the boys group was too large to all get housed in Dorms A, B, and C, so we had to pack up all the stuff and move it to Dorm D. The only problem with this is the A/C. In the other dorms it is usually cold enough to “bust the bark” so to speak. But this year we have to make some adjustments and will have to fair in a little warmer climate to get all the boys in the same place. I am told the registration is somewhere around 165+ and it appears that we have a good crew this year. We have a few newcomers this year. Christy, Morgan, and Nikki are the new girls. On the boys side we have Clay who has never stayed in the dorms without the close presence of his mother and also the Pucketts. Andrew and Jacob are with us from Atlanta. Jacob is a mile a minute to keep up with but he