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Book Recommendation: Too Great A Temptation by Joel Gregory

One of the greatest blessings that we can be thankful for is the vast amount of books that are available to Americans.  If reading is a vice, then I am guilty of it in the worst kind of way.  I have an addiction to books!  I enjoy new bookstores, particularly Barnes and Noble, although bargain books are usually kept in a much larger selection at Books-A-Million.  I enjoy going to used book stores and thrift stores because they have a market on older books that may be out of print.  I have gotten some very good books very cheaply at used book stores and thrift stores.  I am doing my diligence to write much more for the Barnabas Blog than I did the last three years.  What I noticed about the last couple of years is my lack of book reviews and recommendations.  I have discovered on several blogs that I usually go to daily how they have recommended books that have been very valuable to my personal and spiritual growth.  I tell you about one such book with this post.