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Brothers. . . We Must Pray. . .

What I shall write today has been a force gathering in my soul for several days now. I have watched and listened with dismay and horror for a little over a year at what is happening to some of my brothers in ministry. We stand at the precipice of a huge cliff and one way or another, it appears that we are going to either leap over the edge or be pushed over the edge, whatever design suits your will. Brothers. . . We Must Pray. . . I am watching some of my brothers on both sides of this issue drop down into the mud and it is soiling everything that God ha s accomplished in your life to this point. It is not so much the direction of the decision as it is the way that the direction is being promoted. The penalties are huge. There has been an incredible loss of focus, a very fractious division is brewing, and brothers are going down in “friendly” fire. Friendships that have spanned decades are now dissolving. Brothers. .

The Right Man

I can think of no U.S. President in my lifetime that has had to deal with as much calamity in his tenure as the current president, George Bush. Only nine months into the White House, America was attacked by some very wicked terrorists. Few who saw will ever forget the scenes of the Twin Towers collapsing into a pile of rubble and the damage that the Pentagon suffered on that September 11 morning in 2001. We will not forget the heroics of Todd Beumer and those aboard Flight 93 who diverted a flight that was apparently headed for the White House. All of these challenges came to Mr. Bush over a 3 hour span forcing him to have to spend much of his attention dealing with the war on terror. Because of my interest in George Bush, I have read a fair number of books about him and his administration. The latest one is The Right Man by David Frum. Frum was hired as a speech writer who really was not pro-Bush when he was hired. However, within a very