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A Presidential Challenge to Begin Summer 2011

School is out! All of our summer church camps are over and I have a challenge for our church in Dothan. When I was in the 7th Grade, our history teacher, Mr. Richard Williamson passed out a list of questions concerning all of the United States Presidents. I will never forget the homework assignment of having to work with these 200 questions or so and having two weeks to get all of the answers for a major test grade. These were the days prior to the internet and we had to use the library (some of this is tongue-in-cheek) with its massive card catalogs. In addition, we also had to use a set of books called encyclopedias which were a large storehouse of information on a multitude of subjects. If you were lucky, your parents had invested in a set of World Book Encyclopedias and there was a smaller accompanying set of books made up primarily of pictures with brief articles called “Child Craft” which was around 20 volumes. My parents thought it important enough for Mark and me to