Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tour de SFC Update - $432.50 and Counting

I am checking in today to update you with our efforts at raising $5000. We are currently at $412.50 and counting. This means that we have $4,567.50 to go.

Thanks to:

Jerry Mills
Dr. R. C. Craft
Jonathon Suber
Kevin Burgess
Bill Elliott
Dan Barkley
Tim Pate

All of these men have helped in a great way!!!

I have had a productive day with begging through e-mail. The local OfficeMax is printing some postcards that I am going to use to blitz the United States Postal Service with as soon as they finish them.

The picture above is a finish line shot from 2004. . . . .

Feel free to use the donate button on the left of this post. . . .

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