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Announcing The Full Proof Ministry Blog

I am announcing a new blog that I am a part of. For a year or so, I have been working with Scott Phillips and Kevin Shindoll to put together a team-blog. It has finally gotten off the ground and it is called Full Proof Team Blog . It is primarily designed for those who are involved in ministry leadership. We are intentionally working with some hot-potatoes in our generation. Take a look. . .

Church Trouble!!!??? -- Part Two

The Motivations of Church Antagonists/Clergy-Killers I am picking back up with a stream of thought that has been on my mind for several days now. Church trouble is a very difficult and stressful time in a church leader’s life, especially if he loves God and the church. In a previous blog entry , I spent some time dealing with the characteristics of “clergy-killers.” I realize that this post and the last one are a bit sharp in its content and bite especially for those who have not had to endure some of the things I am writing about. However, you keep coming back to this blog and in a future series, I intend on writing about the power of loving your church (for those who are pastors and/or staff ministers). Some years ago a good friend of mine took a small church somewhere between North, South, East, and West and it almost caused him to walk away from the ministry. He was like most young preachers (in his 30’s) who are in their first church. He was starry-eyed and ful

Church Trouble!!!??? -- Part One

Characteristics of Clergy-Killers Some have recently mentioned to me about my sore neglect of the Barnabas Blog. Admittedly, it has been neglected over the past month because I have been distracted with the antics of the inane (that is a place somewhere between North, South, East, and West). I am going to try to resolve to do better here in the next several weeks and put some things on this blog that might (or might not) be beneficial to you. My philosophy for all that I preach, teach, or write: Use what you can and delete what you can’t. In other words, if the shoe fits. . . wear it! After you read this blog and discover its theme perhaps you will return again to read other portions in this grain. I intend on writing on this particular trend of thought for several days as the thoughts come to me. I have just returned from spending a couple of days working at the Alabama District UPC campground. Every year there is a work week that is designated for a number o