Top Ten Books of 2012. . . # 5 William Greenhill, Stop Loving the World

Moving along to the fifth best book that I read in 2012 is one that is short (73 pgs.) but packs an incredible wallop.  I am certain that the title probably stimulates a strong response that is either positive or negative.  It also is curious to note that this is a single sermon that Greenhill preached to his church.  Speaking of long sermons, this is one.  I doubt Joel Osteen will be preaching anything remotely related to this theme in 2013.  However, we who serve as pastors owe it to ourselves and to those who hear us to preach this kind of content.  I am reminded of what Paul wrote to Timothy (1 Tim. 4:16) and it is sharpened by the Amplified Version:

Look well to yourself (to your own personality), and to [your] teaching; persevere in these things—hold to them; for by doing so you will save both yourself and those who hear you

Author:  William Greenhill
Publisher:  Reformation Heritage Books, 2011.

I have been greatly blessed by reading the works of the Puritans over the last several years.  I have written extensively about their impact at other times on the Barnabas Blog.  Comparing their works to the majority of material of today’s Christian “literature” is about like comparing the Gulf of Mexico to a mud-puddle!  They have added great encouragement to me in my devotional life, prayer life, and elements of preaching. 

In Chapter 2, Greenhill (1598-1674) gives us the reasons that we ought not to love the world:

·         We have a higher calling.
·         It is unreasonable.
·         It is scandalous.
·         It is idolatrous.
·         It is dangerous.
·         It deals with the impossible.
·         It makes God our enemy.
·         It is a waste of time.
·         It is debases our understanding.
·         It is utterly destructive.
·         It is hostile to godliness.
·         It is the devil’s trap.
·         It leads to apostasy.

Under each of these points, Greenhill elaborates with much wisdom and Scriptural reasoning. 

The last chapter has much instruction in it concerning not loving the world.  Greenhill provides some directions for getting our hearts off of the world:

·         Be convinced of its evil.
·         Mortify your lusts.
·         Look to things eternal.
·         Diligently guard your heart.
·         Submit to God’s will.
·         Look to Christ.
·         Love God more.

Again, as with the points above, Greenhill lists some strong commentary for each point.  This is a book that everyone should read especially those who preach weekly.  I would recommend that you add this book to your list to read in 2013. 

Thanks for reading. . .


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