These Kids Are Incredible!

Memorial Day Weekend kicked off today and the vast majority of Power Supply, our youth group here in Dothan, was in fine form. Our youth group was not at the lake or the beach starting summer vacations but they had their sleeves rolled up and worked at a car wash. It was all-out work. . . . they had a tremendous day and raised $$$ (of which we are keeping a secret so the “enemy” does not find out how much we have).

Sheaves For Christ is a program that helps the United Pentecostal Church, International lend support to home missions, foreign missions, our Bible colleges and Urshan Graduate School of Theology, just to name a few of the things SFC supports.

Our General Youth President Shay Mann had the following words at the General Youth Division Website: “We cannot just arbitrarily choose an ending at the conclusion of this campaign, we must write the story now.”

Today, President Mann, Secretary Williams, Promotions Director Francis, we wrote a small part of the story that we have joined. . . . We are pushing from our end. . . . thanks for the challenge. . . .

Power Supply. . . . My hat is off to you!

You can look at the pictures here. . .


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