Last Weekend. . . . Work, This Weekend. . . Celebrate

Last weekend, Power Supply worked for a Sheaves for Christ carwash. This weekend, we celebrated!

Five graduates from our church have made it! Amanda Collette, Ashton Foster, Daniel Elmore, Melissa Mills, and Caleb Stark are our graduating class of 2008. Our hats are off to them as they now enter the “real” world.

This year Amanda’s graduation will be etched down in history. At her graduation from Enterprise High School, First Lady Laura Bush gave the commencement address. It was pretty interesting watching it all unfold especially with the Secret Service involvement. She gave an inspiring speech and all the grads got to shake her hand after they had received their diplomas. Mrs. Bush came because President George Bush came to Enterprise in March, 2007, when a wicked tornado came and destroyed the school. The aftermath of the storm left eight students dead. Four of them were posthumously awarded diplomas on Thursday night.

Friday night, we went to see Daniel Elmore, Ashton Foster, Melissa Mills, and Caleb Stark graduate. This is my old alma mater. I sang with great gusto the first two lines of the alma mater along with the Rehobeth High School graduating class of 2008. You can see the graduation pictures here of EHS and RHS.

On Saturday, we had our annual graduation party for all the grads. You can see the pictures here.


Chris said…
I remember your graduation well for one comment made by my astute and very observant brother as we were leaving the auditorium. Upon seeing a set of triplets(not graduating), he simply declared, "Look, three twins!"

Congratulation to your youth and the beginning of their new journey.


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