Live Blogging From Pike Road -- Friday, June 9, 2006

Live Blogging from Pike Road

Alabama District UPC

Senior Camp

Day Five -- Friday, June 09, 2006

The day started late, instead of early as the other mornings have. . . which was a change. The Pizza Party has wiped everyone out since we did not get in the bed until around 0100 last night. Some of the guys who helped get the Pizza Party area back in order did not get into bed until around 0215. So needless to say, it nearly took a stick of dynamite to get this bunch up and going this morning. But one of the good things is that Friday morning breakfast has garnered a long standing tradition around Pike Road for a long time and that is Bro. Roger Lewis’ pancakes (Bro. Lewis is our District Superintendent). So all of the sleepyheads were able to eat some very good pancakes. Also because it was so late, when my phone alarm went off at 0545 for the morning bike ride, I promptly turned it off and went back to sleep. I may get the opportunity to ride later in the day but I doubt it.

One observation that I have noticed is that this bunch has probably had way too much time around each other all week and they have not had enough sleep to go along with this. The campers are a little edgy this morning and hopefully we can navigate through the day with minimal excitement. Monica and Stacey are too tired to be “campus queens” today and not much mischief is expected out of either one of them.

The morning sessions will be a challenge because a whole lot of the campers will be laid back in the cushioned chairs and the District Youth guys along with Bro. Gaddy will have their work cut out for them trying to keep them awake.

Another thing that we try to do with the boys’ Dorm B on Friday morning is to get them to pack up everything so that we can toss it in the trailer and we will be ready to roll after the night services. Watching these guys “pack” their suitcases is a hoot! No order, no organization, just cram everything lying around your bunk (whether it belongs to you or not) into your suitcase. Parents don’t be too surprised if you find that there are a few extra articles of clothing to your camper’s wardrobe and try not to be too angry if somebody else added some of your stuff to their wardrobe. The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. . . . . . . . Although I am certain that this situation is very much out of context for that Scripture.

Another big event for the day is the Preachers versus the Creatures softball game. It is always a hotly contested event and generally the team that wins is the one that has the umpire “influenced.” Reports were that the Creatures won but I had already gotten into the cleaning mode which is a responsibility of the staff.

Bro. Charlie and I would miss most of the evening services and get in on the last half of the preaching. We weren’t wandering in the halls but rather were cleaning the halls. . . . and the dorms. . . . and the bathrooms. . . . and the showers. . . . . The reason for this is because the quicker this huge task is done then the quicker we may leave after the service. Since I am in a near comatose, brain-dead point from sleep deprivation, I am ready to get in the vans and go. . . . . . Just as we were turning on to 231 South, my cell rang and Bro. Charlie told me that we had forgotten some very important items. We managed to leave a stack of books. A few years ago, I started reading to my dorm at night immediately prior to “lights out” and it worked well. This year Bro. Charlie brought the works of Sherlock Holmes and I read that to the dorm a couple of nights. However, Mark, my brother was still at camp and he is going to put them in a safe place for us to get next week at Campmeeting.

We made it home in one piece around 0030 and a huge crowd of parents were awaiting their campers’ arrival. It was a great site. . . . Parents and Church, you can be proud of your kids this week. They did great and made some commitments that could potentially change the course of their world.

God Bless,

Philip Harrelson


Anonymous said…
I have enjoyed this week immensly (especially since Brother Tiller is from Ohio like myself). Get some rest this weekend. God Bless.
WilliamsJW said…
Bro Phillip,

I'm really glad you created this blog. It gave me a chance to see what the Dothan youth are up to and to see a few very current pictures of my beautiful daughter (Melissa). I enjoyed reading the other thoughts you published as well. Have a great day and God bless you.

John Williams
Anonymous said…
You might have a future in reporting. . .Thanks for the updates while I was away. I missed being there this year, and missed making my usual mess at Midnite Madness. I understand that my usual antics were well covered by Rev. Zack Wells(I especially liked the Oreo trick). On a more serious note, thank you for cleaning the place up, and if you could convey my thanks to Rev. Charlie Joyner, I would appreciate it. People like the two of you are the reason these things work.
Section Seven Youth Director,
Mark Harrelson
Thanks for all the comments!!! I am glad to inform that you have a great bunch of kids. If the worst thing that we have to deal with is Stacey and Monica (The Campus Queens) talking too much, that is no sweat at all.

Power Supply, you are a great bunch of kids (pardon my use of that)! You represented us very well. I am always very concerned about how that you respond to the preaching. Your response to Bro. Tiller's messages were incredible. I did my best to get my hands on every one of you this week in the altars.

Youth camp always stirs in me a lot of memories of commitment and encouragement. God honors what we commit to Him!

Mark, I missed you riding with me this year although had you been with me, it is doubtful that I could kept up with you as I am only a "leisure" cyclist.

Don, thanks for your comments too! To all reading this blog click on donryan and when you get to his profile, click on his blog. He has some good stuff. I have swapped e-mail with him and check out his blog on a regular basis. He is an RN and a minister. Because he falls into those two categories that makes him a great guy.

God Bless,
Anonymous said…
Praise God,
I just wanted to thank the Pentecostals of dothan for being there for me when no one else was. I have been to several, several,....several different churches in my life and i can honestly say that Dothan is the best I've ever been to. I hae made more friends in the last couple of years than i could ever dreamed of my entire life.

I would also like to thank Bro. Harrelson,Bro.Patterson, and Bro.Williams for being great Pastors. I have grown and matured way more than I was when i first came here because of them

Thanks Again,
Lucas McCoy
Anonymous said…
Well, another year in the history of the Alabama campground is being written. I remember the first time I went to the site. It was late at night after a Youth Rally in Montgomery I was there with my parents and Bro. & Sis. Boyd, Ozark and others who wanted to check out the site. I remember it was very dark, (there wasn't much around except fields at that point) and we were using a flashlight to go down the stairs behind the old auditorium to the kitchen area. We walked over glass, trash, and other things. We knew animals had been in the old basically abandoned building. The men decided to have some fun and as we were going down the steps shouted "BOO" at us. I have never been so scared in my life!

There are also many more memories, of singing and preaching and worshipping in the old auditorium. No air conditioning, old wooden pews, boys on one side, girls on the other. Sis. Maughon, Sis. Fischer, Sis. Paramore and many others leading the choir. There were so many of us packed on that platform. But the glory of God was in the house. When we all left we had made new friends, strengthed other relationships, and truly we could say we had been sitting in heavenly places.

Thanks... for bringing back the memories this week. No we didn't have midnight madness. The only madness at midnight was if we weren't in bed with lights out and quite. Then the "madness" of Sis. Paramore("Tiger Bear") and Bro. Lewis and others would descend upon us! HA We would regret that madness early the next morning when Bro. Guidroz would sing over the loud speaker that you could hear for miles. (Remember no Air Conditioning so all the windows were open.)

"Early in the morning at the break of day. There's a little donkey and here is what he says, He Haw, He Haw, He Haw, He Haw, He Haw, GET UP!"

That was a rude awakening! But let you know another day of drawing closer to the Lord was in store. Thanks to our parents and our pastor (Rev.Joe Patterson) who made sure we were at camp. The things I learned during those years have been a source of help while on the mission field and now as I am a pastor's wife in Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.

God Bless,
Sis. Lyna Sully
Anonymous said…
Bro. Harrelson,
Looking at these pictures and reading the inspiring comments reminds me of how blessed I am to be a part of this church. I am so encouraged to see the wonderful youth group that my child will eventually be a part of. I can only wonder the future of my child if I had remained a part of this world. Nothing is worth finding out what might have become of us. Thank you so much for staying on us about standards, prayer, and the importance committing to God fully. Sis. Brooke Redden
Anonymous said…
Hey Bro.Harrelson, Its Bro.Stephen Cureton or Private first class Cureton;However you want to look at it. I just want to thank you for posting all the different comments and events. It gives me a chance to keep up with what the youth and church are up to. I know i may be stationed in Hawaii, but i would definitley rather be home at my home church. It seems sometimes that we try so hard to get away, then try even harder to get back. Thanks for all the prayers, and my dad should have my new address that way i can receive some
"good ol'preaching" cds. Thanks bro. harrelson.

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