Dear Washington Post. . . I Register My Extreme Disregard. . .

So as not to violate copyright laws, I post this link so you can see why I am so interested in registering my extreme disregard for the intolerant and elitist mentality of the WP. You can see Pat Oliphant shaking his fist in God's face here.;;;;

To Whom It May Concern:

I am registering my extreme disregard for your tasteless “political” cartoon by Mr. Pat Oliphant concerning Governor Sarah Palin.

The Washington Post has always “prided” itself in its very liberal concepts of toleration, this cartoon is the height of intolerance. Because Christianity has been greatly abused by your columnists in their ideas and thoughts, you continue to profess yourself to be wise while demonstrating incredible foolishness. In the past you have associated anything remotely attached to Christianity with crusades, holocausts, racism, burnings at the stake in your attempt to blacken our eyes. The thoughts of your reckless “crusaders” are leading us exactly where Rome went. I wonder if you were ever exposed to Gibbons long work about the fall of the Romans? The thoughts you champion is exactly what led Rome into disaster. While you are crowning moral relativism as the way to go we are literally circling the drain nationally on a moral level.

Your worldview would not dare allow you to print similar cartoons against Islam and the Muslims because you are simply afraid to weather the fallout it might generate for you. Nor would you post cartoons that would snidely cast homosexuals and lesbians in an “unfavorable” light as that would be homophobic and would be upsetting to many of your readers. Nor would you post something that would possibly condemn abortionists in their acts of murder. Have you ever thought that we may have aborted (killed) the cure for cancer, AIDS, and a host of other societal ills?

Instead your “journalism” smacks of elitism, smugness, and outright hostility to those who are doing their best to serve God.

Crass, unprofessional, partisan, and a host of other words can be used to describe this cartoon and your actions in publishing it. Your political correctness is both stifling and hypocritical. Journalism??? Give me a break!!!!!!

Thank You,
Philip Harrelson

The Washington Post
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Tiffany said…
Just heard about the cartoon and your awesome letter last night. I definitely plan on writing one myself but wanted to post a 'high five' for yours. :)

You're right, they would never dare post something openly making fun of any other religious group or, God forbid, the homosexuals (who are more protected than endangered species these days). Common human decency says you don't make fun of spiritual things. They've gone too far this time.
Go gettem killer......

In typical Harrelson long form...ha

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