What If. . .

There is a great desire born in my heart for true revival. Revival that shakes men and churches to the core. Revival that frees men from the grip of sin. Revival that creates an incredible love for the Word of God and it's presentation through preaching and teaching. Revival that stirs my emotions for authentic worship. Revival that challenges my mind and intellectual capacities. Revival that shatters flakiness and revival that wilts formality. There is a place where the soul can drink deeply from the wells that only God can un-stop.

I plan to invest myself from this point on in my life to prayer, fasting, and the ministry of the Word. How can I expect to be above the bar when my efforts are so mediocre and so average. Anointing follows humility, submission, study, prayer, fasting, personal sacrifice, and perhaps much pain too. The great men of the past were those who did not live in conformity with their own desires or their own falterings. They were men who were hungry for something more. They wanted to go beyond the norm.

  • What if my devotion to God rivalled Michael Jordan's hunger for excellence on the basketball court during his rise in the NBA?
  • What if my personal discipline compared to the preparations of Bill Cowher (Pittsburgh Steelers coach) and Mike Shanahan (Denver Broncos coach) to play football?
  • What if my hunger for God equalled Kenny G's desire for perfection with a soprano sax?
  • What if I was willing to spend as much time in the Word as did Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven did putting together their timeless classics?
  • What if I wanted holiness and separation from this world as much as Howard Stern's longing to shock our society?
  • What if there was the same driving force behind my prayer life that drives Bill Gates to pursue what he has with Microsoft?
  • What if I desired to shake off mediocrity with as much energy as Lance Armstrong invested in his desire to win?
  • What if I chose to invest my mind in the Word like the Wall Street icons put their energies in their very transient investments?
  • What if I preached as did Richard Baxter like a dying man to dying men?
  • What if I ran out of breath pursuing souls as it was said about John Wesley at his death?

What if . . . . ? ? ?

This question could stretch into eternity. . . . . . . however, my life does not. . . . . . . . my life is just a vapor. . . . . . . . It is here for a moment and then it goes out. . . . . . . Only what we do for Christ will last. . . . . . . .


Robyn said…
Bro. Harrelson,
This is very true, it is amazing at the "drive" that others have in this world for things of this world. If only, I can have this same "drive" to live for God and spread His word, and be a witness.

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