Continuing Education for Ministers--Fundamentals of Expository Preaching

Here is another very good resource for our continuing education for minister’s series.  If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you are very much aware that a lot of time and attention has been given to preaching.  The reason for this is because I believe it is the highest priority that a pastor can devote his time to.  Obviously after you have been preaching for a while, you can get into a rut in the preparation process and there are a wealth of resources on the internet to help us to be better preachers.   

You also know that I always put a disclaimer out when I recommend books and other resources—keep the meat and toss the bones.  Such is true for this same series of videos.  There are close to fifteen hours of instruction here and you can treat it as if you are attending class.  I encourage you to do this!  Take notes and develop the principles so that you can become clear voice for God. 

The link is here  and the series is “Fundamentals of Expository Preaching.”  Also, there are various texts that you can pull in as supplementary reading.  I have written extensively on these books in the past.  You can use the search option in the task bar to the right of this post.    

More to come. . . 


Unknown said…
I was wondering why you chose to use John MacArthur you-tube link as a teaching tool for “Fundamentals of Expository Preaching,” when he speaks very highly against the Pentecostal movement in his sermon series “Strange Fire?”


Thanks for your question and concern... My response to this anticipated question was in the initial blog post...

"You also know that I always put a disclaimer out when I recommend books and other resources—keep the meat and toss the bones. Such is true for this same series of videos."

Concerning my own background, I graduated from one of the UPCI Bible Colleges in 1992. Thereafter four years later I graduated from a Baptist seminary. I believe when you get to a seminary level of training, apostolic or non-apostolic, you need a filter of discernment. These lectures are seminary level and I recommend you take the good and toss the bad.

I have watched most of the Strange Fire Conf videos and while there were some that I very obviously disagreed with, I also felt that there were some very legitimate arguments that were raised. I would also recommend that you read the book. I think it is wise to know where your critics are coming from. My response to their accusations is with the Word!

You can count on the heat being turned up especially when the get their hands on the forthcoming Apostolic Study Bible from WAP shortly. I trust there are some men who won't respond with emotional, knee-jerk responses but with solid, Scriptural answers. At the end of the day, all that holds true is the Word.

Thanks for reading my ramblings on the blog, I am honored you would spend time doing so.

God Bless,

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