Monday, February 12, 2007

Book Recommendation -- Intoxicated With Babylon

If you are waiting on a book that will smack you around a little bit, then I have a recommendation for you. This book is not one that is going to increase your self-esteem nor will it bless your lukewarm spiritual relationship. In fact, if you don’t like books that raise the alarm about the condition of the modern-day American church, save your money and your time. But if you really want a book that gives a stirring call toward a revival of prayer, holiness, and Biblical discernment, you probably ought to read this book.

In the opening sentence, you find an immediate jolt:

“Maintaining a ‘love affair with the world’ is akin to having a mistress.”

The next paragraph begins like this:

“The modern-day Church, especially in the West, has its own mistress, having fallen head-over-heels in love with the world. The average believer can talk for hours about ‘the things of this world’ but then try asking about their relationship with the Lord and they quickly run out of words.”

Lamenting the condition of the folks in the pews who think they have a handy little remote control that will “pulpit surf” to another channel:

“Pastors who do preach about holy living are so black and blue from sheep bites they hardly have any strength to press on. Many have given up the fight and retreated into secular employment. Others have acquiesced and joined the ranks with those who feed an already emaciated flock with sermons lacking real substance or depth.”

Concerning what the Church is eating spiritually:

“We are being fed a steady, unwholesome diet of spiritual mush in America. We have been handed substitutes for so long we have forgotten what real meat tastes like. This dilution of spiritual truth has been so gradual it has gone undetected even by those who are supposed to be spiritually discerning.”

This book is fitly entitled Intoxicated with Babylon by Steve Gallagher. If you are a pastor or fill the role as a teacher in a Sunday School class or other small group study, this book would be an excellent resource to assist you. The book contains fifteen-chapters that could easily be broken down into several weeks of a series.

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