Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Summer Reading Challenge for Power Supply

Summer is here! School is out and today actually officially begins summer. However, the hot weather has already arrived and it has been here for a month or so. Now begin those so-called “lazy days of summer.”

One of the big deals when I was growing up was always getting involved in the summer reading program at our local library. I read through the “Black Stallion” series, through the “old” Hardy Boys series (not the Case-files), and I read numerous biographies and sports stories. Reading stretched my mind and allowed me to go to far places with simply the turn of the page. It is sad to see that this generation is becoming so very increasingly separated from books.

Another major event for the summer was going over to my Granny and Papa’s house in Andalusia, Alabama. They lived quite a ways out in the country and without any sort of central cooling or air conditioner. I can remember at night trying to sleep with the windows up and hearing hundreds of bugs making all sorts of strange noises. As the day would cool down, we would slowly drift off into a sleep that would be interrupted the next morning to the sounds of a full country breakfast being engineered in the kitchen. We had hot biscuits, grits and eggs, sausage, and a host of choices of canned fig preserves, blue-berry and black-berry jellies, and apple tarts.

We would work in the garden (which was quite large), feed the chickens, and gather eggs among a host of other things. As the day would wind down, I would always manage to find a book to read at my Granny’s. She had a lot of old textbooks that were always interesting to me (probably because I was not taking the class) and a host of old Reader’s Digests and Grit Papers. I would read through these and then read some of the other books that she had in a small bookcase that sat behind the door.

I can remember one book that I found one summer and subsequently from then on I read it every summer when I came back. It was a fictional book about World War ll and the story the French Resistance who were fighting against Hitler’s armies. Although as the years have passed I have forgotten much of the details of the book, I still remember it as being an exciting book that told the story of a young teenage boy who was carrying messages as a spy for the French Resistance and his near escapes from German patrols that were prowling throughout his hometown.

Summers were never wasted when Mark and I were reading books. Books have really shaped my mind and by opening up thoughts, ideas, and even worlds that would have never been available to me without the printed page.

My point in this blog is primarily aimed at our youth group, Power Supply, here in Dothan. I have listed below a number of very good books and almost every one of them I have personally read or at least read works by the author. I am encouraging you to take a look at this list and then go to the library and read one or maybe even a dozen of these books before school starts back in August. I also am encouraging you to post comments (that the whole world will see) at the end of this post about what you read in one or a dozen of these books. You may not find a title that interests you here but I encourage you to familiarize yourself with some of these authors and read after their works.

In the end, the person who reads the most books, will have a mug shot posted on the Barnabas Blog after we have gone to eat at Larry’s (just kidding, I will leave the choice up to you).

  • All Creatures Great and Small -- James Herriott
  • Arrowsmith -- Sinclair Lewis
  • Bob, Son of Battle -- Alfred Ollivant
  • Call of the Canyon -- Zane Grey
  • The Call of the Wild -- Jack London
  • Christy -- Catherine Marshall
  • The Citadel -- A. J. Cronin
  • Comstock Lode -- Louis L’Amour
  • The Cross and the Switchblade -- David Wilkerson
  • Endurance -- Alfred Lansing
  • Every Living Thing -- James Herriott
  • The Hiding Place -- Corrie Ten Boom
  • In His Steps -- Charles Sheldon
  • In the Heart of the Sea -- Nathaniel Philbrick
  • Into Thin Air -- John Krakauer
  • Isaac’s Storm -- Eric Larsen
  • Johnny Tremaine -- Esther Forbes
  • Kidnapped -- Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Last of the Breed -- Louis L’Amour
  • Les Miserables -- Victor Hugo
  • Life on the Mississippi -- Mark Twain
  • Night -- Elie Weisel
  • Oliver Twist -- Charles Dickens
  • Poems -- Robert Frost
  • Profiles In Courage -- John F. Kennedy
  • Red Badge of Courage -- Stephen Crane
  • Ten Fingers for God -- Dorothy Clark Wilson
  • The Robe -- Lloyd Douglas
  • The Shepherd of the Hills -- Harold Bell Wright
  • Sherlock Holmes Stories -- Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Silas Marner -- George Elliott
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -- Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Summer of the Monkeys -- Wilson Rawls
  • To Kill A Mockingbird -- Harper Lee
  • Treasure Island -- Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Up From Slavery -- Booker T. Washington
  • Where the Red Fern Grows -- Wilson Rawls
  • White Fang -- Jack London
  • The Yearling -- Marjorie Rawlings

Don’t forget that there are hundreds of biographies that you also might find interesting.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Live Blogging From Pike Road -- Friday, June 9, 2006

Live Blogging from Pike Road

Alabama District UPC

Senior Camp

Day Five -- Friday, June 09, 2006

The day started late, instead of early as the other mornings have. . . which was a change. The Pizza Party has wiped everyone out since we did not get in the bed until around 0100 last night. Some of the guys who helped get the Pizza Party area back in order did not get into bed until around 0215. So needless to say, it nearly took a stick of dynamite to get this bunch up and going this morning. But one of the good things is that Friday morning breakfast has garnered a long standing tradition around Pike Road for a long time and that is Bro. Roger Lewis’ pancakes (Bro. Lewis is our District Superintendent). So all of the sleepyheads were able to eat some very good pancakes. Also because it was so late, when my phone alarm went off at 0545 for the morning bike ride, I promptly turned it off and went back to sleep. I may get the opportunity to ride later in the day but I doubt it.

One observation that I have noticed is that this bunch has probably had way too much time around each other all week and they have not had enough sleep to go along with this. The campers are a little edgy this morning and hopefully we can navigate through the day with minimal excitement. Monica and Stacey are too tired to be “campus queens” today and not much mischief is expected out of either one of them.

The morning sessions will be a challenge because a whole lot of the campers will be laid back in the cushioned chairs and the District Youth guys along with Bro. Gaddy will have their work cut out for them trying to keep them awake.

Another thing that we try to do with the boys’ Dorm B on Friday morning is to get them to pack up everything so that we can toss it in the trailer and we will be ready to roll after the night services. Watching these guys “pack” their suitcases is a hoot! No order, no organization, just cram everything lying around your bunk (whether it belongs to you or not) into your suitcase. Parents don’t be too surprised if you find that there are a few extra articles of clothing to your camper’s wardrobe and try not to be too angry if somebody else added some of your stuff to their wardrobe. The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. . . . . . . . Although I am certain that this situation is very much out of context for that Scripture.

Another big event for the day is the Preachers versus the Creatures softball game. It is always a hotly contested event and generally the team that wins is the one that has the umpire “influenced.” Reports were that the Creatures won but I had already gotten into the cleaning mode which is a responsibility of the staff.

Bro. Charlie and I would miss most of the evening services and get in on the last half of the preaching. We weren’t wandering in the halls but rather were cleaning the halls. . . . and the dorms. . . . and the bathrooms. . . . and the showers. . . . . The reason for this is because the quicker this huge task is done then the quicker we may leave after the service. Since I am in a near comatose, brain-dead point from sleep deprivation, I am ready to get in the vans and go. . . . . . Just as we were turning on to 231 South, my cell rang and Bro. Charlie told me that we had forgotten some very important items. We managed to leave a stack of books. A few years ago, I started reading to my dorm at night immediately prior to “lights out” and it worked well. This year Bro. Charlie brought the works of Sherlock Holmes and I read that to the dorm a couple of nights. However, Mark, my brother was still at camp and he is going to put them in a safe place for us to get next week at Campmeeting.

We made it home in one piece around 0030 and a huge crowd of parents were awaiting their campers’ arrival. It was a great site. . . . Parents and Church, you can be proud of your kids this week. They did great and made some commitments that could potentially change the course of their world.

God Bless,

Philip Harrelson

Live Blogging From Pike Road -- Thursday, June 8, 2006

Live Blogging from Pike Road

Alabama District UPC

Senior Camp

Day Four -- Thursday, June 08, 2006

The day started early. . . real early. . . like 0200. Again, we had some folks talking in their sleep. Again, it aroused several folks who all witnessed the fact. Nathan Harrelson was holding “court” at 0200. After getting him settled down, we went on back to bed. I am unsure of what was going on in Dorm D (the girls dorm) but apparently nothing because they fared well in the morning assembly.

The actual day started at 0545 with Bro. Charlie, Bro. Neal, and me. Bro. Charlie walked the grounds and Bro. Neal and I took off for a early morning ride. At the end of the 17 ½ mile ride we had encountered no dogs and the only excitement that we ran across was some guys trying to herd up a large group of cows. The cowboys were shouting and the cows were mooing and we zipped by without getting a real clear look at exactly what all was going on.

Much of the way on the bike ride, my mind was rolling over and over the message that Bro. Tiller preached last night. It was quite a message and for those who will be coming up next week, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of the CD and listen to it. He covered much territory that served for good early morning meditation. I cannot get over the question that has persisted in my mind for several months now: Where will the Church be twenty, thirty, or fifty years from now.

The first morning session which begins at 10 gives the campers right at an hour and half to eat breakfast. When you are trying to run 300+ kids through the line, this time passes by very quickly. But some interesting things happens in this line. Like Stacey Cureton who has for the past three mornings “ridden” around the room in line in a chair. She is navigating the room with a chair that has no wheels. Her “motor” is Ashton Foster who helps “push” Stacey all the way around the room until she can get right up the serving area. I did notice in the cafeteria this morning that there were a lot of “sleepy-heads” who could not seem to get moving very rapidly this morning.

Bro. Neal Williams preached the first message of the day and posed a question, “Who Do You Serve?” He preached about the importance of serving God and then the winning of souls. The value of a man’s soul is of the highest importance.

Next, Bro. Gaddy, from the UPCI General Youth Division, opened with some simple instructions to the crowd concerning a Podcast. Bros. Gaddy and Tiller had a Q&A session that may be downloaded from . They discussed passion for God and how that it affects our daily lives. Bro. Tiller mentioned that there are some non-negotiables which include the New Birth, doctrinal factors such as the Oneness of God and baptism in Jesus name. They then went on to mention some of the priorities of ministry which are a daily relationship with God and His Word. There is a very important factor that is involved with family and it is important that anyone involved in ministry understand that God first established the family and then the Church. Strong families are what build strong churches. When a man loves God, that will spill over into the family life.

Then Bro. Gaddy moved directly into his message. From Matthew 5:13-16, he spoke on “S.A.L.T.” Bro. Gaddy called out as a volunteer one of our own, Rebekah Butler, who was able to taste of some salt. She said it tasted like. . . . Chicken!!!! . . . . . No she really said that it tasted like salt!

The acronym “S.A.L.T.” can help us to be effective in soul-winners.

  • S. -- Say Something. Jesus said something. You have the Holy Ghost and the world needs it. Break the ice by saying something.
  • A. -- Ask Questions.
  • L. -- Listen. Sometimes we “hear” but we do not “listen.” John 4 talks about the woman at the well and Jesus interacted with this woman which ultimately led to her own salvation.
  • T. -- Turn the conversation to something deeper.

Much of the afternoon was spent getting ready for the Pizza Party tonight. It is important that every little hair be exactly in place. Andrea spent most of the afternoon rolling, hot-sticking, and all sorts of other far out sorts of things to our girls and guys hair.

As for the message tonight, I missed about ¾’s of it because Bro. Lewis recruited Bro. Charlie and myself to move chairs. We helped unload an eighteen wheeler that had 500 chairs for the sanctuary. They were stacked in 11’s and 12’s and we worked like we had not had to work in quite some time.

Not only did I miss the message but in "singspiration" a number of the Dothan gang were able to sing and play one of the songs that they do in Power Supply on Friday nights.

I do know that Bro. Tiller preached about “The Angel’s Hand” from Genesis 19. There was quite another altar service that accompanied the message.

Then the Pizza Party got under way and I left to “blog.” But when I finally was able to start attempting to post today’s events, Blogger went down due to a “file transfer to improve our performance.” I sat outside of Panera and then moved across the street to Books-A-Million (they were closed so I could not go in) because the battery on my notebook was about to give up the ghost. I managed to get “juice” to it but Blogger was still down at 0045 and I had to get back to help the other counselors get the heatherns down for the night. So I will have to wait until tomorrow to try and get the material up and running.

See You Tomorrow. . . .

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Live Blogging From Pike Road -- Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Live Blogging from Pike Road

Alabama District UPC

Senior Camp

Day Three -- Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For all of the folks who were worried about the girls of Dorm D, they have redeemed themselves. It appears that they all went to sleep last night without any pending disasters, at least none have come to light as of this time. So because of that, this morning, the Dothan girls of Dorm D were allowed to leave the morning assembly and go to breakfast first.

Please note that I wanted to post a lot more pictures on the blog from yesterday but was unable to do so because of the internet connection. Hopefully, I can find a good remedy for that for this post. For those who are wondering, what I am doing is to leave the Campground just before Midnight Madness starts and sit in the parking lot of Panera Bread and use their free connection. The problem with this is that the restaurant is closed and I do not have an alternative power source and my battery actually drains pretty quickly so I cannot load all the pictures that have accumulated during the day. Maybe tonight’s post will work a little better.

I did ride this morning but without Bro. Neal. I tried to roust him out but it was shortly after 0600 and he had a late night. My 17 ½ mile ride this morning went without incident. No rabbits, no dogs, the same amount of cows, and one dead snake that was run over between yesterday and this morning’s ride.

After breakfast for 300+ campers, they started the 10 AM session. Bro. Sammie Sherrill took a text from Romans 8:31 and spoke to the campers about “God Is For You.” He preached to the Alabama Youth about the fact that God is always going to be present with us and taking care of the difficulties no matter what they are. Sometimes we can get so caught up with the distractions that we forget the God is working in our direction. In the end, God has a plan for our salvation.

After this session, Bro. Todd Gaddy, continued with the concept that every decision that we make always starts in our minds. Our mind controls our life. Whatever direction that our life is going, our mind is working to get us into that direction. Bro. Gaddy started with a short, one-man skit with him listening to an Ipod, using a remote control, and working on a laptop. We are not robots simply marching day-in and day-out but there are choices that we make and every single one of the choices will direct the which way that our lives move.

The points:

  • 1. Our mind controls our steps and we have a choice.
  • 2. What we put into our minds will direct our steps.
  • 3. We have a filter (PHP-48 which is free to download).

The devil does not have a remote control that moves us. . . . we have control. . . and it all begins in our minds. However, what we put into our minds will control us. If you eat junk all of your life, you will get fat. . . . . Why would we think that what we put into our minds would not affect where we go and what we do.

We can choose to use our filter. It is not a matter of if you have a filter, it is how you will use that filter. One filter we have is our friends. Another filter can be Hollywood, modern society, and affluence. But the most important filter that you will find is this:

Philippians 4:8 KJV Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

This is the real filter. Proverbs 4:23 is the main filter. . . . Keep your heart with all diligence. Movies and music is one of the most devastating forces and influencers in our generation. This past weekend, $38 million was spent in Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn’s new movie The Breakup. The huge question is this: Did any of those people who went to see the movie really know what the movie was about? We need a filter at every turn in our lives.

Music is a great influence in our lives. Music has changed drastically in the last 30 years. Rap music now dominates the scene. MTV rated 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” as the number one video, it is full of sexually explicit material. . . . and some of our kids are probably listening to some of it. . . . . .

With all of this, we have an obligation to find a real filter. . . . It was one that was written in ancient times but it works with incredible power, especially for those who are living for God. The best filter available is the PHP-48 and can be downloaded free of charge from your Bible.

Much excitement was created today with a new device (Pugo Sticks) at the Campground. What it entails is two people get into a large inflatable ring like structure and stand on two platforms. The trick is to maintain your balance on the platforms and thing to swing a large bat-like pole that has padding on either end of it. Michael Joyner knocked off the “champion” earlier in the day but I did not have my camera with me. However, when Anita Williams stepped in the ring, I did have my camera and I have several pictures of her popping some poor sap in the head and knocking him off of the platform. She did take a dive also when the kid finally decided that if he was going to win that he was “going to have to hit a girl”. Anita has had quite an exciting week here and it appears that loads of fun is constantly in orbit around her.

I thought that Stacey was making real progress today, but at supper she told me that I was “goofy” and that all of my “serious” side was just a front. I am unsure what has led her down this very unnecessary path.

Our gang was supposed to sing tonight during “singspiration” but for some reason got their names in the hat too late. Maybe we will hear from them tomorrow.

As of right now, this is the lineup for the Pizza Party tomorrow night:

  • Rebekah Butler and John Paul Miller.
  • Tori Kovach and Daniel Elmore (Elmo).
  • Kristi Cureton and Ron Adams.
  • Amanda Collette and Daniel Patterson.
  • Monica Isler and Brandon Tolson.
  • Whitney Wallace and Nathan Harrelson.

The rest of the crowd denies going with anyone else but that can all change in a matter of minutes, yea even seconds.

Those are all of the ones that I am currently aware of.

The worship service was very responsive. Then Bro. Ron Tiller took his text from Isaiah 49:1-4 and asked the question, “Is It For Nought?” Will the Church get to this point in history and it all come to nothing? Can the Church fulfill the direction and mandate of Jesus Christ into this earth?

There must be a passion for holiness, righteousness, evangelism, truth, doctrine, and prayer. If those things are absent from a man’s life then we are not truly apostolic in our lifestyles.

Bro. Tiller made a very strong call for commitment for this generation. There is a spirit that is sweeping the apostolic movement. That spirit is one that holds the things of God in a state of irreverence. We enjoy such powerful moves of the Holy Ghost in our services and then we can go directly back to the things of this world. We are similar to Rehoboam in his generation. He had a very casual relationship with the holy things of Israel. It is absolutely imperative that we have more than a relationship with God that merely “touches” us and does not change us.

There was a great call to listen to the pastor, the man of God, whom has been placed in your life. The elevation that you hold your pastor will have a direct reflection of your relationship with God. While Bro. Tiller was preaching this, my mind drifted back again to the incredible things that Bro. Patterson has poured into my own life. I have that same desire to pour my own life into the lives of others and to the Church. We cannot afford to ditch what has brought us this far. Bro. Tiller mentioned that many of the problems that occur in the lives of people is because they hold the messenger in low regard and it is not very long until the message is held in low regard and they backslide. We must embrace a passion that is going to get us out of the pew and into an altar of sacrifice. Calvary has lost it’s meaning for too many!

This message was marked by an incredible call to surrender and dedication entirely to God. The last fifteen minutes of the message 80% of the youth was in the altar areas. Many of the Dothan gang spent much time in a deep prayer and I am certain that things from this service will continue on into the future.

The theme of this entire day was COMMITMENT. Much thanks to Bros. Sherrill, Gaddy, and Bro. Tiller.

See you tomorrow. . . . . . .

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Live Blogging From Pike Road -- Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Live Blogging from Pike Road

Alabama District UPC

Senior Camp

Day Two -- Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wow!!! That is what describes the beginning of this second day at the ol’ Campground. The day actually started deep in the heart of the night. At 3:24 AM in Dorm B (I know I looked at my clock on my cell phone), I was awakened by several muffled laughs and giggles coming from the other side of the room. Upon investigation with a trusty Mag lite, I discovered that several of the laughs were from Robbie, Ron, and Justin who heard Michael Joyner talking in his sleep.

But it also appears that some concurrently in the building at the same time that Dorm D, where our girls were staying, that a much greater mayhem was occurring. It appears from several reports that the Dothan girls and the Eva girls were involved in near “high crimes and treason.” Anyway, whatever it was that happened caused them to have to eat breakfast last. Upon further investigation, it appears that it was nothing more than just girls doing their normal things (so parents rest easy) like talking and laughing deep into the heart of the night. Note the picture of the supposed ringleaders to the right. I personally could never believe that these two could would be involved in such, please especially note the “innocence” displayed in their smiles.

My day started at 5:45 AM, I managed to take a 17 ½ mile little jaunt on my bike through the Pike Road community and surrounding area. I saw two wild rabbits, several incidents of road kill, several hundred cows, and very few cars. One of the good things that happened was the Rottweiler that pursued Mark and I two years ago on the same series of road is either dead or asleep and he did not chase me this morning. I did not realize that Bro. Neal Williams had his bike here or I would have invited him along, but he is going to ride with me tomorrow.

We managed to get the campers rolling around 7:30 AM and after breakfast the day begin in earnest. We started a split session with the guys and girls and in the guys room a panel discussion about odds and ends of living for God was engineered by Youth Pres Neal Williams, Youth Sec Sammie Sherrill, and two youth committee members, Sean Meeks and Mike Thomas. I am unaware of who chaired the session for the girls.

Once the split sessions concluded, we all met for a general session with Bro. Todd Gaddy who is the National Youth President of the UPCI. He focused his message of John 3 and primarily helped us to understand that we are “Bright Lights.” He did pull from the crowd our own Jeremy McCoy to field his “football team” and changed Jeremy’s name to “Bubba” who was one of his offensive linemen. Jeremy (aka, Bubba) did a fine job and represented us well. It has a lot to do with his Auburn leanings.

God has deemed our days and He directs our paths. There was a strong encouragement at the end of his message for involvement in a youth overseas mission trip. It is attainable and it is do-able for the youth of this generation.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing football, softball, volleyball, basketball, and for the choir members, practice.

I do have some quotes from the Dothan Gang.

  • Monica -- It wasn’t just me. . . . I was the only one who was honest enough to confess.
  • Stacey -- Some mumbo-jumbo that sounded similar to what Monica said.
  • Kay -- I am having a great time.
  • Angela -- Cool.
  • Tori -- Tell my mother that I am ok and doing well.
  • Rebekah -- Don't worry about me, mom and dad.
  • Amanda -- This is another life-changing event!

The ministry of Bro. Tiller was again challenging as he preached from Revelation 5:1-9, 13 about “Redemption’s Song.” The crux of this message is that we have been saved from the clutches of the devil, from sin, and from it’s consequences. He emphasized a necessity of worship, relationship with the Word of God, and with holiness. The altar service was fantastic and our “kids” responded just like they do at home, with fervent, heart-felt desire. I laid my hands on as many of them as possible and prayed the God would bless them and keep them from the disasters of this world.

As I listened to Bro. Tiller preach, it was further established in my mind how crucial it is for our church in Dothan to continue to love God, love the apostolic doctrine, love the apostolic lifestyle, and serve God with diligence. It is imperative that we as parents, as a church, and as the family of God continue to help them to make it to Heaven. There is an incredible heritage that we MUST continue to walk in no matter how dark this world may get. It is crucial that we lay aside every weight. . . .

See you tomorrow. . . . . . The Dothan “staff” only has three more days of this. . . . Thank God. . . . I miss my wife and little girl!!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Live Blogging From Pike Road -- Monday, June 5, 2006

Day One -- Monday, June 05, 2006

I have been exiled for a week and it is not in Siberia but rather in Montgomery, Alabama at the Alabama District United Pentecostal Church District Headquarters. We started this morning at 0630 and rolled out of Dothan with about 25 Senior Campers and four staffers along with our district Youth President. Our District Youth President is also our Youth Pastor (Neal Williams) and he arrived last night to get things ready for camp to start today.

We managed to clear the runway in Dothan at 0725 and arrived for registration by 0940. The rush from the campers was to get the bunk of their choice. It is always sort of amazing how our priorities have suddenly changed with the arrival of summer Youth Camp.

After a brief orientation with the principal Pastor Perry Wells of Vincent, AL we were well on our way to starting the camp off right. No shaving cream episodes are allowed, no water guns, no water fights, no diving off the roof, no swimming in the cow ponds across Pike Road and a host of other taboos were denied by the CCIC (Chief Cat In Charge). So far, the campers have responded fairly well but we have only been here for eight hours.

This year the campers are going to get to “initiate” a new District Youth President (Neal Williams) and a new District Youth Secretary (Sammy Sherrill) and I will note how well they manage to maintain peace in the asylum.

For lunch we had hot dogs with chips and chocolate chip cookies. For supper, we had chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, green beans, and ice cream. Speaking of camp food, I once heard a major official around here quoted as saying the by Thursday morning that all the kids should have mandatory doses of either Ex-Lax or castor oil, whichever choice suited them best. Enough of that! You get the drift.

Camp is always a good place to enjoy cold showers, late nights, early mornings, and somewhat supervised mayhem. But along with all of the drawbacks, there are some major accomplishments that occur. This generally range from campers receiving the Holy Ghost, renewing commitments to God, and some even find themselves embracing a call of God on their lives for ministry. It is positive, productive, and ultimately life changing.

Our camp evangelist this year is Ron Tiller from Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Tonight, he took his text from Ephesians 5:15-16 preaching a message entitled “The Crucial Point.” He opened with the four characteristics of fools from Matthew 25 from the five foolish virgins. (1) They took on extra oil; (2) They depended on others to save them. (3) They bought just enough oil (did not sell out to everything); (4) They always miss the visitation of the Lord.

This is the crucial hour and the young men and women of this generation need to develop a sense of endurance. To redeem the time, one must (1) Know the will of God; (2) Take advantage of every opportunity; and (3) make a commitment of life to God and to the Church.

The famous midnight madness is in progress right now but I have no internet access here at Pike Road and have to gone into Montgomery to see if I can pick up a LAN signal from somewhere and discreetly post this blog.

To all of the Dothan folks and parents, your children are doing well except for they have spent all of their money already at the concession stand and do not have any for the rest of the week. . . . . . . . . Just kidding. . . . . they are doing well.

See You Tomorrow. . . .

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