Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Please Know This. . .

Please know that on this day that I prayed for you. I did not call out your name because I did not know who you were. . . . . But please know that I prayed for you. . . . .I prayed in this manner. . . .

God, please touch those out there whose minds are being slowly captured by doubt. They are slowly being blinded to their need for God and they are slowly getting further and further from You.

God, please help that pastor and his wife who are faithfully serving you and trying to bring the knowledge of the holy to those saints who are against them. I prayed that God would strengthen you amidst the withering criticism that has created dread in your heart for any place of ministry that you have to go to. I prayed that God would deliver you from the hands of carnal men who are so opposed to the extension of the Kingdom of God.

God, please help those marriages that the fires have almost entirely flickered out. I prayed for those whose words toward their spouses have become spears that wound not the body but the heart. I prayed that the excitement and hope that walked down the isle the day you were married would return. I prayed that there would be a spirit of reconciliation to come and put the war to rest.

God, please help those faithful saints who are having to weather the demands of a pastor whose expectations are putting huge yokes on their spirits. I prayed for saints who are nothing more than pawns in the hands of a minister's ungodly ambition. I prayed for saints who have been wounded by out-of-control men who are not shepherds but are "lords" over the heritage that is supposed to belong to God.

God, please bring life and energy to those who are working on a job that is demanding greater production with smaller means to accomplish the task. I prayed for those whose directors, bosses, overseers, and supervisors are wicked and unprincipled and have a trail of bodies behind their accomplishments. I prayed that God would help those who are working for low wages and yet have high commitments with financial obligations.

God, please help those who cannot see tomorrow's light because of today's darkness. Let them understand that sometimes the most important thing about living is simply walking the path that does not have much glamor but much responsibility. I prayed that God would give you enough manna for the day so that when tomorrow gets here, your faith will be stronger because you made it through your yesterday.

Please know that on this day. . . I prayed for you . . .

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